Long Hours?

Putting in long hours in your business? I know how it is; we get addicted to the business. The business is your baby and you want to control every aspect of every detail.  Yet, you, yes YOU are hurting your business, you are hurting your family and yourself.

Your Business: What is your absorption rate? Whar are key critical variable numbers? What is your plan for your business?  What is your strategy? When are you going to get control and take it to the next level? What is your asset protection strategy(not insurance)? What is your tax strategy-(not from CPA)? What’s your Z Score? What is your actual breakeven level?  When did you last benchmark your business compared to others in the industry and to your own top numbers? Who is your biggest competitor?    Etc.

Your Family:  Did you tuck in your children in last night?  Did you read them a book yesterday? Where you there for their games and their performances?  Letting your child know that you are there for them is so very important.  When was last time you surprised your partner?  Your children did not sign up for this.  When was the last time you surprised each child?  Etc.                                                                                                                                                                 You and Friends:  When was the last time you took time out for yourself in whatever you enjoy?                                       With addictions, we lose lose sight of what is really important, both business and personal

Whether trying to keep up with orders and tight cash flow, trying to gain orders since cash flow is tight, or just too much paperwork, think about why you are putting in long hours.  There are systems that can significantly change your life for the better, give you more profits, more control, more time. Remember, YOU are the owner.

So Tell me, when are you going to do what your business and your family deserves? You can have more time, more money and a much more rewarding life, all around.  It takes little time for the independent third party evaluation, a game plan on steps to go to the next level.  We guarantee you will be pleased what we will present to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Of course, no matter what your business/personal issues, everything is kept confidential, Sometimes we arrive at just the right time in a business owner’s life because they are going through a crisis.  In performing hundreds of thousands of game plans, we have more fresh ideas, more fresh strategies, more connections than any other firm, and we have seen every issue.  We have systems which can protect you from the inside so you can manage your business.


CPA, CFP Not Trained for Business Needs


Typically thousands of certifications across virtually all industries are a purchased focused education, started by a person or two as a profit business.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a few letters after a name after some training and testing without going to a university?  Then you continue to pay a fee every couple years to renew it with continuing education-that is after a fee of course.   In a many instances, decades they become a 501(c ) “non-profit” because of regulatory pressure. However, many original private entrepreneurs are still financially benefitting by being on the boards of the organizations.

Accountants and Planners

CPA’s  and CFP’s  have their place in your advising, but it is not in giving advice for managing a business that encompasses profit margin expansion, systems to make people accountable, strategic tax planning, and a many other vital organs for successful management.


Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are really good at historical financial information you need on your return.   You give them the information and they put it on the return in just the right places.  But since Circular 230, they work for the IRS – that’s right – even though you pay them a fee, their first duty is to the IRS; they represent the IRS.  Again, even though you pay them a fee, they report any activity that is the least questionable about YOU, on a special form.  –Don’t believe me, see form 8275-R   Now, in the professional world, that in itself would be considered a conflict of interest. This time, that is okay, as long as you understand the conflict and do the protections needed.  We need CPA’s to make sure everything is historically accurate as portrayed on your return.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Keep your CPA… but with Periodic Checks

Unfortunately, there are other conflicts of interest that CPA’s have –one of them is the competitors that the CPA also does accounting for!   It is just smart business to have a Business Tax Strategist that actual holds a license for such things and who can’t be a conflict since we have certain protections in place for that. I have seen very shameful, sad things happen to good, hard working owners.

The Business Tax Strategist will typically not only significantly add to the benefits you would gain (without any possible conflict of interest) but it would give another set of eyes to make sure the return preparation is not going to the benefit another competitor or person ultimately. The Tax Strategists do not prepare taxes, but will give you further information to give to the accountant to use for his preparation of your return.    It is getting Big Boy (large company) tax planning for the small business.

Certified Financial Planners                                                                                                               

Certified Financial Planners (CFP) testing only touches on training in five areas –  insurance, investments, income tax, retirement and estate.  The CFP designation does not make you an expert in any one of these areas.   As you can see NONE of them have anything to do with the systems to grow a business.


Logically speaking, has your CPA or CFP ever owned a large company, or even a small business of 50 employees that he grew from one or two within a short period of time?  Did he, by himself (without quality management advisors), ever have a company grow from one mill to 20 mill within less than five years without the government helping with loans?    It’s not their forte – they are not trained to do that and it is certainly inappropriate to be giving advice to a small business owner about such matters.

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Stress, Time, Money

Usually Business Owners are putting in 60+ hours a week because they are having struggles.

Yet there is often substantial money that the business has buried in his business. There are other light bulb moments that clients say things like “Wish I could have had this years ago”

I want to help you find it.   Please call 262-707-0946.

REAL ASSET PROTECTION …It’s not insurance

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Real Asset Protection

You probably don’t  realize that insurance is not the answer to protection of your business that you worked decades to build; nor is it the answer for protection of your personal assets.  That is why it is critically important to really protect your decades of hard work, your family’s future and your dedicated employee’s future in the smartest fashion. Thankfully, there is a very lucrative way to protect yourself!!

Do you really want to risk your decades of hard work?    No Business Owner should put the entire business assets and personal assets at risk.  Lets talk about this critical asset protection.

With any advisory program, this is paramount.  What good is expanding your profit or implementing a sales/marketing program if you lose it immediately to the risks that now prevail.  What good is a new accounting system if you haven’t implemented real asset protection?   If you have an advisor/consultant on this and he/she has not encouraged this as a first step, then that’s a problem ….you better think about that.  There are only three reasons he/she would not recommend it from the beginning.  1. You have no assets and no income   2. He/She is honest but very unqualified for the job as your advisor/consultant.  or 3. you need to contact me on that one if you haven’t figure it out.  Danger Zone then.