About Donna Vogt

1414004084_Donna Vogt 3A Wisconsin resident, Donna Vogt supports nonprofit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and THORN, formerly known as the Demi and Ashton Foundation. She also contributes to her local Girl Scouts groups as a service unit manager. In her spare time, Donna Vogt expresses her passion for art through painting. Utilizing acrylic paints, she produces large-scale works on self-stretched canvas. She is particularly fond of impressionist-realist art and regularly challenges herself with artwork reaching lengths of 15 feet. Through each piece, she integrates movement and texture as well as finds opportunities to create depth.

Professionally, Donna Vogt works as a senior area manager at ISI Consulting Group. She coordinates with small- to mid-sized businesses to help owners improve profit margins by reducing unnecessary expenses. She has assisted business owners, who were struggling to keep the doors open through personal contributions, implement tactics that enable them to completely turn around the business in a relatively short timeframe. She cites such situations as particularly rewarding.


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