REAL ASSET PROTECTION …It’s not insurance

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Real Asset Protection

You probably don’t  realize that insurance is not the answer to protection of your business that you worked decades to build; nor is it the answer for protection of your personal assets.  That is why it is critically important to really protect your decades of hard work, your family’s future and your dedicated employee’s future in the smartest fashion. Thankfully, there is a very lucrative way to protect yourself!!

Do you really want to risk your decades of hard work?    No Business Owner should put the entire business assets and personal assets at risk.  Lets talk about this critical asset protection.

With any advisory program, this is paramount.  What good is expanding your profit or implementing a sales/marketing program if you lose it immediately to the risks that now prevail.  What good is a new accounting system if you haven’t implemented real asset protection?   If you have an advisor/consultant on this and he/she has not encouraged this as a first step, then that’s a problem ….you better think about that.  There are only three reasons he/she would not recommend it from the beginning.  1. You have no assets and no income   2. He/She is honest but very unqualified for the job as your advisor/consultant.  or 3. you need to contact me on that one if you haven’t figure it out.  Danger Zone then.


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